Ernie Burns

optomize2-WhenLondon-150x150 Ernie BurnsWhen London Finally Gave in and Started to Love 

Finally the fantastic performance poet Ernie Burns has penned his poems in a book,called When London Finally Gave in and Started to Love  so we can carry him around in our pockets! This collection ‘When London Finally Gave In and Started to Love’ is a superb distillation of five years of his writing; full of what Ernie writes best about, the heart! It’s texts are grubby with the sardonic soot of London’s glaucous city smog and an absolute spark of a poem entitled ‘Little Ember’ scatters light upon the cobbled streets.

Poem from When London Finally Gave in and Started to Love By Ernie Burns

Bad Day This is a “worse” day It holds “worse” for me And I fear more “worse” Is bound to appear Because “worse” is a curse That scares my “Okay” Muscles it out and packs it away It is going to be a terrible day

Because “worse” is a bad listener It does not care When I say In a stern admonishing tone “Bad day bad!”…It runs off Making people think I am mad Talking to a day like that And all I will get today is “Worse”So, how I will feel today is bad. free down load extract from the book. 

London finally gave in and started to love Free Extract

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When London Finally Gave in and Started to Love By Ernie Burns also available for e reader

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ISBN 9781291977066
Edition First
Publisher William Cornelius Harris
Published 07 December 2014
Language English
Pages 52
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Weight0.13 kg Dimensions (centimetres) 14.81 wide x 20.98 tall

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Jason Harris

Life and Hope

jason-bc-optomize-150x150 Jason HarrisThe war over a return to to full health. No more thought of death, or Suicide the battle waged it close but Hope winning, pushing despair out. Only joy and fulfilment fill the void. Happy thought the flags fly high all people celebrate the end of despair punched out by joy

This is my second poetry collection Life and Hope  i learn my craft from the street of London,  poetry circuit where i spent many happy hours talking , listening and drinking with London finest poets where i learn there secrets of poetry interestingly this all happen by accident i was invited to a creative writing workshop and each week it was poetry and i would always say when are we going to do creative writing one day they all answers poetry is creative writing at which point  i pruduce the flyer which read adventure story writing  follow by another big laugh. Life and Hope came to life following the successful completion of my first book Death Suicide Despair Poetry

Poem from Life and Hope

Vulnerable Voices

Who said it‘s hard? It‘s impossible to complete such tasks. More work, less staff. Who‘s making the decisions? I hear it loud: cuts, more cuts, more cuts.It‘s all psychological scaremongering. Those who have jobs want to keep them.Those who do not, want to find them. Suddenly there‘s giant leaps of incomers from afar without work and all the time they say it benefits us all

 life and hope Free Extract

 Paper back £12.00 eBook £1.99

Life and Hope by Jason Harris is also available for e reader from i bookstore and all good online bookstore price £1.99

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ISBN 9781291834895
Edition First
Publisher William Cornelius Harris
Published 25 November 2014
Language English
Pages 33
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions (centimetres) 14.81 wide x 20.98 tall
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Quinn Agathoni


Seven Sins

seven-sinsoptomize-150x150 Quinn AgathoniSeven Sins is my first published novel.  I’ve been trying for an awfully long time but finally, there’s my name in print… well one of my names anyway.  Quinn Agathoni is the name under which I write fiction.  The name on my passport is Alcuin Edwards.

Extract from Seven Sins: In a reversal of Dracula, Quinn Agathoni’s Transylvanian heroine, Janie Hunyadi, finds herself in the demon-haunted wilds of the Lincolnshire fens. In Seven Sins, she finds herself trapped under the power of a demon, and is forced to undergo an ordeal based on the Seven Deadly Sins. 

from Seven Sins


cleardot Quinn Agathoni

Chapter 1

The train to Peterborough was clean and modern but after that came the bus.  It was blue and cream and it looked like it was made when Matthias Corvinus was a boy. Janie stared out of the window as the bus rattled her over the flat landscape at glacial pace.  Here was neither the majestic dark beauty of the mountain home of her childhood nor the shining towers of glass and steel that took their place in London.  Instead, there was a plain of green fields stretching to the horizon. She sighed.  Over and over again she sighed. Eventually the bus left the region of black earth and crawled between the acres of newly built houses that showed she had arrived in Bourne. There was no cab office at the bus station but she had seen one in the town about a half mile back. She didn’t know where Uncle Peter lived and she had no number so she dialled the cab company instead. Time passed in the bus station.  Flies buzzed.  Some young boys were smoking defiantly, stubbing out cigarettes on the ‘No Smoking’ sign.  They were shouting exuberantly, practising their Anglo-Saxon and then one turned to Janie. “Ey, blondie.  Yah minge itchin’?  Want me to fill un?” Janie ignored them and stood watching the road for signs of the cab.”Ey ‘srood not to talk to wuss.” “Pardon?” They were young, standing on the threshold of manhood perhaps with muscles starting to grow and with sparse hair growing on their zit-ridden chins.  They stood in a parody of menace and Janie laughed.  As they gathered around, hooting and jeering.  Janie aimed her foot with wall-shattering strength at the nearest pair of testicles.

As the closest boy doubled over, she said, not even taking her eyes off the road.  “I’d take your friend to the hospital if I were you”. One boy flicked open a blade. “Seriously?” asked Janie.  “Do you boys have a death wish or something?”Janie stood taller than most of them.  She turned to face the boy with the knife, her grey eyes burning hot like storm clouds and said, “I came here for a rest.  Don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.”She reached out to take the knife from him, taking the blade in her palm and letting her blood drip on the floor as she forced it from his hand.  “Leave me.” she said, and they did.

 Seven Sins Free Extract

Paper Back £12.00 eBook £1.99

Also available for e reader from i bookstore and all good online bookstore price £1.99

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ISBN 9781291888256
Edition first edition
Publisher William Cornelius Harris
Published 20 October 2014
Language English
Pages 92
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions (centimetres)
14.81 wide x 20.98 tall
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