Death Suicide Despair Poetry poetry book

Jason Harris

Death Suicide Despair Poetry The battle with Depression’s got me on the floor. We’re twisting and turning, that’s what happens when you’re fighting. Depression calls for reinforcements. Here come Hate and Loathing. Hope and Life retreat. Depression tells no truths. He’s hitting hard with my past. Suicide’s shouting, “Come on depression”. Hate’s punches strike home. …

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When London Finally Gave In and Started To Love. poetry book

Ernie Burns

When London Finally Gave In And Started To Love When London Finally Gave in and Started to Love is my first collect. Finally the fantastic performance poet Ernie Burns has penned his poems in a book, so we can carry him around in our pockets! This collection ‘ is a superb distillation of five years …

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George E Harris

AND THEN IT COMES BLOWING Poetic Expression Of George E Harris And Then It Comes Blowing is a collection of works at the beginning of an exploration for George E Harris. The works can be read aloud as well as sung. At times they have been cut up, spliced and performed as a longer work. …

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