of the Deep


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of the Deep I.D.F Andrew

Throughout her life, Ingrid Andrew created art and wrote poetry prolifically.  She later added music and song to celebrate her passion for the natural world and humanity, also her fears.  In this thought-provoking but delightful volume, ‘of the Deep’, you will find quirky humour too and affectionate observation.  Ingrid’s life ended in 2015.

The volume has 22 poems, each gently remarkable, with one ferociously defiant.  The overriding sensation is of  her characteristic tenderness.

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Ingrid’s first volume ‘The Bird of Morning’ is also available from William Cornelius Harris Publishing.  Her creative website www.ingridandrew.wordpress.com is still there to both stimulate and soothe heart and soul.  She welcomes you with tenderness. can be found on South London Books and all our site we are currently looking for new author Submission now open to all.
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