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Paper Tiger Poetry
Friday 24th Sept
Provisional running order coming soon
News Just In ….
The new voices of poetry are massing – What’s this? – Do the Office Girls know? Are they ready to rumble to keep their Paper Tiger crown?
Heather Moulson Ex-SlamDown Poetry Chamipion is standing by and waiting to set the cats on ’em
New Entry Polly Bull, Wordville’s best-selling poet, is limbering up to make a mark, reading from their new book OUTSIDE IN.
Tea House Theatre 139 Vauxhall Walk SE11 5HL
Show Start 7:30
pictures left to right
Polly Bull, Heather Moulson & Shakthi, Office Girls go Crazy, and Mir Yam
All money raised is for our Book Project, free publishing for selected new talent
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Paper Tiger Poetry

 The 3 Queens of Poetry
“Missing” Update

          who’s hands

Breaking New *just in*: The Queens are Hatching new plan after their  disastrous attack on Cheryl Mclennan, left them disheveled and wondering what next. The Queen of beauty is using technology to blind Office Girls army of poets.

The Queens have other method in waiting, what sercet weapons do the other Queens have ?

New Plan Honey Trap: Honey and spice all thing nice there sending in the Queens of beauty and treachery to turn the mind of Office Girls troops


                 Will he turn

Tom McColl is being woo with sweet pictures and words – will he turn ? will the Queen of beauty and deceit turn the army of Office Girls, all will be revealed

Friday 24th Sept Paper Tiger Poetry.

This new plan ; The OFFIOCE gIRLS ARE IN TROUBLE – Are they

NOT TRUE – Tom – not on the bill at least not yet. Anything can happen

Beauty conquers all Not necessarily so


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July Paper Tiger poetry

Pictures taken from 30th July Paper Tiger Poetry

Paper Tiger Poetry
24th Sept

With Heather Molson, Poppy Dillon, Three poetry queens, Cheryl Mclennan, Office Girls go Crazy, Rodney Wood, Keith Bray more tba and below picture will change soon

Office Girls go Crazy

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Five feature poets & two guest poets

Books Project

Free publishing for selected new talent. Books Project now in it 7th years all money raise go toward our project.

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The 3 Queens of Poetry

Shakthi, Liffy and Mar Yam

July best poem on the night was won by 3 women name are Shakthi, Liffy and Mar Yam. In my opinoin it unfair to have one winner when it can be a joint winner these poets were outstanding and all three poet have a feature slot for Friday 24th Sept

Anna Somerset is going to be big force in poetry all the ingredients to be a poet laurate of the future. excellent set
Thank you to all the acts Tea house Theatre staff who work their sock off and of course our audiance.
We return Friday 24th Sept with all new show now’s the time to let your friends know, hope to see you all Sept Paper Tiger Poetry

Challenge Made

The 3 Queens of Poetry Made Challenge. The SmackDown of Poetry is on  stay tune for update

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