Pauline Deakin, Dreams screams & washing machines poetry book

Pauline Deakin

DREAMS SCREAMS AND WASHING MACHINES Pauline Deakin  dreams screams & washing machines. First collection with London Poetry Books. “Dreams, Screams and Washing Machines is a delight, has a particular gift for unravelling the poetic from the prosaic; dusting off the treasures and insights which hide in plain sight of the domestic and the commonplace.” Mark …

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Haigha's Noosphere Canticles

Rick Dove

Haiga’s Noosphere Canticles Haiga’s Noosphere Canticles. Rick Dove is a London based poet and storyteller, with a background in psychology and philosophy. work is informed and influenced by his great love” of classic literature and mythology, and there is more than a little mischief in his use of form, word-play, and subversion of aphorisms. Haigha’s Noosphere …

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Tiny Collisions Poppy Dillon. Poetry Book

Poppy Dillon

Tiny Collisions Poppy Dillon   Poppy Dillon Tiny Collissions . My first loves and anxiety to hangovers and periods, Poppy Dillon’s heartfelt yet humorous debut poetry collection documents the awkward experiences of her early 20s.  The collection is full of stories about growing up, and how chance encounters and relationships can shape you. From the momentous ones, …

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south london booksThere is a Tune Poetry book

Cathy Flower

There is a Tune Cathy Flower first  collection with William Harris Publishing There is a Tune Cathy Flower new book. Cathy Flower Poet for Life’. Poet for Life arrived in London in 2004. Since her arrival, she has performed here extensively. Cathy Flower book can be found on London Poetry Life   Poetry Wonderful Gift …

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Umbrellas are for Whimps. poetry book

CamTan Ringel

Umbrellas are for Whimps Poems and illustrations by CamTan Ringel, aka CT within poetry circuits in London and Stockholm. Umbrellas are for whimps ‘Words are for sharing’ ‘Each word deserves to be heard’ she says in her poetry workshops. ‘You don’t have to understand poetry. You don’t even have to understand the person who wrote …

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Nihilistic City Nights Robert Yates poetry book

Robert Yates

Nihilistic City Nights. Robert Yates Nihilistic City Nights. Robert Yates “The poetry of Robert Yates is both brooding and exacting; something about it unnerves us, it sees too clearly into things: the dystopian vacuity of modern life, our shared language doomed to a series of dull clucks and futile gestures. Don’t come to these poems …

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Habiba Hrida Rhymes for the Times. poetry book

Habiba Hrida

Rhymes for the Times Rhymes for the Times, I have been writing and performing my mix of poetry for people with a social conscience.Those of you who are still loving and caring and think the world has needed a complete overhaul for a very long time now should give my book a go as I’m …

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The Bird of Morning By IDF. Andrew , poetry book.

IDF. Andrew

The Bird of Morning is my first collection of poems.                       The Bird of Morniing Ingrid Andrew is the author and  establish artist and sometime singer songwriter who lives in South East London with a husband, daughter and a cat called Erwin. it said by the performance platform The Bird …

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Twisted and Chewed eBook poetry book

Shaun Rivers

Twisted and Chewed Shaun Rivers Twisted and Chewed Shaun Rivers is a performance poet, actor and visual artist from Stockport, now based in London. His debut poetry book is about naïve decadence, dreadful despair, love, way too many drugs, believing in your favourite band, wasting time in Hornsey, tripping in America, forgetting what your name …

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M. J O' Doul Poetry book

M. J O’ Doul

SmackDown, Shakespeare & Super Sunday M. J O’ Doul ‘This powerhouse poetry collection by M. J O’ Doul deftly weaves together a wide variety of themes, from wrestling and politics to romance and adventure, taking in the ridiculous, sublime and everything in between. M. J O’ Doul Can also be found on London Poetry Books …

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