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Death Suicide Despair Poetry poetry book

Death Suicide Despair Poetry

The battle with Depression’s got me on the floor. We’re twisting and turning, that’s what happens when you’re fighting. Depression calls for reinforcements. Here come Hate and Loathing. Hope and Life retreat. Depression tells no truths. He’s hitting hard with my past. Suicide’s shouting, “Come on depression”. Hate’s punches strike home. I’m down again, surrounded by life’s mistakes. Depression sends Fear in. I’m on the floor once more. Hope and Life are withdrawing. I shout, “Don’t leave”. Despair sends more troops –  Death, Suicide, Despair, Poetry

Depression is laughing, jumping and dancing. Where is Life and Hope?

Extract : The Miracle

Just can’t put my finger on it. But he continues to answer my question with the words, “That’s ok, that’s ok, that’s alright”. He answers that it’s alright to commit suicide. As he walks away I remember his bottom lip was over the top one, just how hairy he was. He skips along with long arms, just like a child with her skipping rope. Then I realise the monkeys have taken over the zoo. Find Jason book on London Poetry Books

Death Suicide Despair Poetry

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ISBN 9780993229305
Copyright Jason Harris (Standard Copyright Licence)
Edition Second
Publisher William Cornelius Harris Publishing
Published   2015
Language English
Pages 104
Binding Perfect-bound
Paperback Interior Ink Black & white
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