The Bird of Morning


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The Bird of Morning

                            First collection of poems                            

The Bird of Morning Ingrid Andrew. Establish artist and sometime singer songwriter who lives in South East London with a husband, daughter and a cat called Erwin. it said by the performance platform The Bird of Morning by Ingrid Andrew is a show stopper it really is that good.

The Bird of Morning

For over ten years she has performed her poems and songs all over London and in particular at Survivors Poetry events in Covent Garden and Tottenham, and for the last 6 years has designed the posters promoting these events.  
For many years Ingrid also hosted and featured at her own nights of music and poetry ‘Voices of Experience’ and has just started another series of nights in West Norwood, hosted by Jason Why and featuring many of her poet and musician friends as well as some exciting new voices.
Ingrid has also written a comi-tragic drama, described as an ‘epic pantomime’, and studded with songs, about the life of the Buddha and a mischievous and dynamic performance piece that has been staged four times, (including at Rich Mix in Shoreditch) describing what really happened ‘When Woman created the World’.  Lately with the dynamic and darkly sinuous contribution of poet and artist Tara Fleur, ‘Woman of Bones’.  said The Bird of Morning is a joy to listen to
The Bird of Morning In the last five years Ingrid has held three one woman art exhibitions in Brixton, Australia and Camberwell, featuring landscapes, portraits and imaginative images in traditional media and digital form.  Her last exhibition featured many images from ‘When Woman created the World.’  and now my first collection


Wonderful Gift

London Poetry Life

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Second Chance performance platform

Awarded best poem of  2014 for stylish performance and presentation

eBook £4.99

A poem from ‘The Bird of Morning’

‘Because so many are torn away too soon, too young, unsung; I’ll make a  sacrament of every day,   a  hymn to every tree, to every cloud a song. And when the dusk and twilight fall I will remember, I will recall
that each new day’s a gift.
so many are torn away too soon, too young, unsung; I will remember and remember well one night, one day, I too shall be undone. My time will come. And I’ll be free to grow into the lineaments of a tree, a breath of cloud, a wave that rises and falls and sighs and sighs and sighs, an amaranthine sea …. ©  IDF Andrew


Product Details

ISBN 9781326003050
Copyright Ingrid Andrew (Standard Copyright Licence)
Edition first edition
Publisher William Cornelius Harris
Published 22 October 2014
Language English
Pages 40
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink Black & white
Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 14.81 wide x 20.98 tall (centimetres)

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